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Yay for toys! If you like soft toys, toy cars, electronic toys, action figures, joke stuff and toys galore; you’re in the right place! You can do swaps on all types of toys here in our toy-tastic, swap-tastic Toys zone, toy fans…

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Get bidding on this cool box net! You can write any name on it and makes a perfe...
Win now: 475
Current bid: 7

Get bidding on these x7 Fart Bombs! These where popular last time I sold them so...
Current bid (10): 97

cute loom creation
Win now: 1000
Current bid (34): 68

cute 7cm bottle
Win now: 1000
Current bid (11): 46

Is your room starting to look like a disaster area with all the toys scattered around everywhere? Have you run out of room to store your unwanted toys? Or are you simply one of those boys who would like to save his collection of cars and action figures in order to save them and keep them in good condition for 40 years? At Swapit, you can swap toys with other kids and you might be surprised at the huge selections we have for you. You will get the chance to get rid of all your unwanted toys and trade them in for swapits points that you can use to get a different toy. Exchange toys with us and watch as your collection gets bigger and bigger. Who knows what treasure you might find here? There are definitely plenty of toys to choose from.

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