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Have you got 12 John Terrys but desperate for a Dalek? Get swapping in our Cards zone! You’ll find all kinds of trading cards from Football to Doctor Who; from Pokémon to Top Trumps – all up for swaps now. Mmm cards…

If you are card collector, then you might want to use Swapit to trade cards with other card collectors who have the card you want. You can place bids to try to win the card that you want using points called swapits. Swapit gives you the option to auction and exchange your unwanted cards in exchange for swapits, which are points that allow you to swap cards online. Swapit points are given to you after someone wins the bid and receives the item. Here at Swapit, you can exchange cards that you do not have any use for anymore and finally get the card you are looking for in order to complete your card collection. There are bunches of collector's cards that you can choose from. You can find your favourite cards of football players, basketball players, wrestlers and baseball players on Swapit. You might also find the missing Harry Potter or Doctor Who card to complete your collection!

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